Fortnite - DarkFire Bundle Xbox One - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE

Fortnite - DarkFire Bundle Xbox One - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE
Xbox Live
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Fortnite – Darkfire Bundle is an expansion pack, giving the player new character and weapon skins as well as new melee weapons. Enter the battle cloaked in shadow ad fire, impressing your friends and making the enemy tremble in fear of your radical new duds. Try out brand new pickaxes and your opponents flying into the oblivion. Equip fresh weapon wraps and back blings and show others who’s boss. About Fortnite Fortnite is an online action-shooter game where players compete in an open-world arena. The title is made of two different games. Battle Royale pits the player against each other in a free-for-all matches. Save the World is a survival mode, in which the players cooperate to fend off the hordes of zombies. The mode amplifies the construction aspects of the game, allowing the player to build fortifications, similarly to Minecraft. Customization of the players’ in-game avatars and weapons is available in both modes. The Darkfire Bundle Content The Darkfire Bundle includes new costumes, weapon wraps, back blings, and pickaxes the player can use in the game. The costumes include the nightmarish Molten Omen, punk-rock- inspired Dark Power Chord and Shadow Ark, representing the dark angel aesthetic. Each outfit has a corresponding wrap back bling and pickaxe, which can be used interchangeably with other kits, creating unique, personalized combinations. Reception At this time, Fortnite is one of the most popular online battle royale games on the market. The players and critics praise it for its open-world arena setting, engaging gameplay, and robust customization options. The game has become an instant e-sport phenomenon with multiple dedicated events and reward pools, reaching millions of dollars. Key features Play online in an open-world battle royale. Compete against the best and climb up the leaderboards. Customize your character to suit your tastes. Enter the Fortnite arena cloaked in the powers of darkness. Three unique costumes, wraps, back blings and pickaxes to customize your in-game avatar.
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