Fly O'Clock Steam Key GLOBAL

Fly O'Clock Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 13247247
Shipping from: China
Fly O’Clock is tiny, highly-addictive single & online multiplayer arcade endless jumper with innovative one-touch mechanics and unique pixel-art graphics.The faster you play the more you risk and as you know: no risk no fun.Check how long you will survive on the clock face, avoid the clock hands and jump between 4 points as fast as you can to reach the top of the leaderboards.Unlock all the characters, watches and hats! Style your favorite insect with unique hat!Key featuresonline multiplayer exclusively on Steam16+ characters to unlock5+ watches to jump on15+ hats to try onultimate Rock & Roll soundtrack!one-touch controlsbrand new jumpy gameplay
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platform: Steam
priceplus: 86.60
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