Fifa 21 Ultimate Team 12000 FUT Points - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Fifa 21 Ultimate Team 12000 FUT Points - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL
Xbox Live
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With 12 000 FIFA Points you can acquire some packs from the store to have a chance of getting your favorite FUT Icons. Build your dream team, composed of the greatest stars the world of football has seen so far! Customize to create your own style Mark your style in the world of FIFA. Create your own club, including selecting kits, crests, Stadium Themes, Tifos, and even celebrations, which you can unlock while completing various Season Objectives. Season Objectives and rewards Earn experience points while completing various Season Objectives over the course of a certain Season in order to progress. As you keep earning more XP, you eventually move onto the next levels, which grants you better rewards. The rewards differ, depending on the Season. From new players to new customization options. Various rewards let you upgrade and customize your club each Season. Play with friends There are many ways to play FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with other players. You can meet with your friends and play an offline session in the “Couch Play” mode. This mode supports up to 4 players the AI opponents. You can also go online and take on any random member of the FUT community. House Rules While playing with other players, you can select certain House Rules to be present in the match. This is a big return from FIFA 19 Kick Off Mode, but there are also four completely new rules for you to check out. Squad Management and the FUT Companion App In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you can experience a much more user-friendly Squad management system as well as Squad Challenges with a redesigned Squad Screen. Now you can access your Active Squad, Transfer Market, and other important places much more easily. Key features A pack of 12 000 FUT Points will give you a boost in your journey with FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Purchase packs and get the FUT Icons you have always wanted. Customize your dream team and challenge other players’ Squads. Participate in each Season actively by completing objectives and earning XP for your Club. NOTE: To use this in-game currency, you need to possess FIFA 21 Ultimate Team for PC.
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platform: Xbox Live
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