Farming Simulator 22 - Kubota Pack (PC) - Giants Key - GLOBAL

Farming Simulator 22 - Kubota Pack (PC) - Giants Key - GLOBAL
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Enter your wheeled new office in Farming Simulator! With the Kubota Pack for Farming Simulator 22, you extend the agricultural fleet of your farm with eleven new vehicles and tools by the multinational corporation that originated from Osaka in Japan, over 130 years ago. Including the Kubota M8, the largest tractor of the brand to date, with its spacious cab interior and an all-round view to oversee your fields, from the best seat in your farming office.Also included are the M5, M6, and M7 series as well as a wheel loader, a skid steer loader and other heavy machinery by Kubota to handle your day-to-day farming tasks with modern, versatile and powerful tools. With two capable UTVs to roam and discover your lands or quickly deliver produced goods, you expand your garage with even more enjoyable vessels painted in the colors of the industry-leading company. If that isn’t enough, check the wardrobe to find some new Kubota-branded clothes for your character!
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