Fallout 4 Season Pass Steam Key RU/CIS

Fallout 4 Season Pass Steam Key RU/CIS
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This product will give you access to any upcoming DLC! Key featuresFallout 4 Season Pass has all the paid DLC contained in one purchase. Several story expansions elaborating on the world presented in F4, some improvements to crafting and settlement systems, the downloadable content contained in the Season Pass is enough to keep you playing and creating for days.Fallout 4 Season Pass featuresAutomatron - build and upgrade robots using a wealth of new crafting and manufacturing optionsWasteland Workshop - capture creatures from the wasteland and tame them or make them fight in an arena for your entertainmentFar Harbor - travel to a mysterious island to uncover century-old secrets and solve an ongoing stand-off between several factionsContraptions Workshop - create Rube Goldberg machines and improve your settlement's production with a solid serving of new workshops optionsVault-Tec Workshop - become an Overseer of an old Vault and run sneakily concealed experiments on its new inhabitants, as intendedNuka-World - conquer an old amusement park, discover the secret recipe, rule over the raiders with an iron fist and show the Commonwealth what true banditry looks like
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