Fallout 4 + Season Pass Steam Key GLOBAL

Fallout 4 + Season Pass Steam Key GLOBAL
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Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studio, presents you with a new open world experience. The world you know no longer exists. The city skyline has been damaged by a massive nuclear explosion. Traverse the wasteland as the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 and explore the most ambitious game ever made, happening in the heart of the massive ruins of downtown Boston.Key featuresCharacter Creation – Tailor your own character by choosing to play as male or female. Enjoy the opportunity to fully customize the face features of your protagonist as you desire! Use different stats of strength, perception, endurance, luck, charisma and intelligence when shaping his or hers behavioral attributes.Build your own safe house – make yourself at home in the sprawling wasteland. Start from scratch by putting pieces together to see your fortress grow. Furnish and expand it to create an entire settlement that you will gladly defend. Beware of the bandits that will be attracted by the breath-taking estate!No level cap – continue playing as the game comes to an end. Experience the unique freedom and find out more about the aftermath of your decisions.Details and dynamics – experience the post-apocalyptic wasteland like never before. Next generation graphics and lighting engine will make you feel as if you were inside the game 5. Slow motion – first and third person combat has been brought to a new dimension. Fight in a slowed down dynamics and enjoy the movie-like massacre thanks to improvedVault-Tec Assisted Targeting System.
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age: ESBR Mature
platform: Steam

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