FY6200 Embedded Panel Signal Generator DDS Dual-channel Function Generator 30MHz/40MHz/50MHz/60MHz Waveform Frequency Generator

FY6200 Embedded Panel Signal Generator DDS Dual-channel Function Generator 30MHz/40MHz/50MHz/60MHz Waveform Frequency Generator
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The last three digits of the FY6200 instrument model indicate the upper limit of the sine wave frequency (MHz) of this model. For example, FY6200-60M, 60M means that the sine wave output frequency of this model can be up to 60MHz. The FY6200 series dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator is a high performance, cost effective and multifunctional function integrating function signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse signal generator, noise generator, counter and frequency meter. Signal generator. The instrument uses a large-scale FPGA integrated circuit and a high-speed MCU microprocessor. The internal circuit uses a high-precision active crystal oscillator as a reference, and the signal stability is high. The surface mount technology greatly improves the anti-interference and service life of the instrument. The instrument has a completely independent dual DDS signal and four TTL level outputs, which can generate 31 preset waveform signals such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, pulse wave and white noise, and 64 sets of user-defined waveforms. The instrument achieves the perfect combination of ease of use, excellent technical indicators and numerous functional features in signal generation, waveform scanning, parameter measurement and use. It can help users complete their tasks faster. It is an electronic engineer, an electronic laboratory, Ideal testing and measuring equipment for production lines and teaching and research. The FY6200 series dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator has a user-friendly keyboard layout and indication, providing users with an intuitive operation interface. The display interface adopts 3.2 TFT color LCD screen with 320*240 high resolution, which can display all parameters of two channels at the same time and prompt the current button function. The shortcut key greatly simplifies the complicated operation process and greatly enhances the instrument. The operability. Users do not have to spend a lot of time learning and familiar with the operation of the instrument, you can use it. Features: Adopt DDS direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate, stable and low distortion output signals; Embedded panel design with ABS plastic casing, easy to integrate with user equipment, easy to install; Adopt 3.2-inch (320*240) color display to display dual-channel waveform parameters at the same time; The highest output frequency is 60MHz (sine wave) 250MSa/s sampling rate, 14bits vertical resolution; Press and hold the OK button during use to quickly save the parameter information currently output by the instrument. The next time you turn it on, you can automatically load the saved parameters. Fully independent dual channel output (equivalent to two independent signal sources) can work synchronously, and the phase difference is precisely adjustable; Standard channel tracking function, when tracking is turned on, all parameters of both channels can be updated according to the user's configuration at the same time; Can output up to 98 sets of functions/arbitrary waveforms, including 34 sets of preset waveforms and 64 sets of user-defined waveforms. Preset waveforms include: sine wave, square wave (duty cycle adjustable) triangle wave, pulse wave (pulse width and frequency can be accurately set) rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, step wave, trapezoidal pulse wave, Sink Pulse, narrow pulse wave, noise wave, exponential rise, exponential decrease, electrocardiogram, Lorentz pulse wave, multi-audio wave, CMOS (0~10V) and DC voltage; With 64 sets of arbitrary wave storage bits, each group has a storage depth of 8192*14bits; High frequency accuracy: frequency accuracy can reach 10-6 orders of magnitude; High frequency resolution: full range frequency resolution 1uHz (0.000001Hz); High amplitude resolution: the amplitude resolution can be as small as 1mV (0.001V); With DC offset function of -10V~+10V (99% (0.01Hz~10kHz) Output characteristics Amplitude(VPP) Frequency5MHz: 1mVpp~24Vpp; 5MHz 10MHz Frequency>20MHz: 1mVpp~5Vpp; Resolution 1mV Amplitude Stability 0.5%/ 5 Hours Amplitude flatness 2.5%(10MHz); Waveform Output Impedance 5010%(Typical) Protection All channels can work more than 60 seconds when the load is short-circuited. DC Offset Offset Range Frequency20MHz: 12V; Frequency>20MHz: 2.5V; Offset Resolution 1mV Phase Feature Phase range 0~359.99 Phase resolution 0.01 TTL Output TTL Level Amplitude >3Vpp Fan-out >8 TTL LOAD Rise/Fall Time 10ns CMOS Output Low Electric Level

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