FTL - Faster Than Light Steam Key GLOBAL

FTL - Faster Than Light Steam Key GLOBAL
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FTL: Faster Than Light is a single-player video game that combines elements of a real-time strategy, with roguelike mechanics. The game was developed by a two-person independent studio - FTL Team. During the adventure, players will visit various star systems, very often encountering unexpected events. It is worth mentioning that the game's world is randomly generated, meaning that no playthrough will ever be the same. FTL video game received very positive reviews from players and gaming critics. Well-designed mechanics and a high level of replayability are the main selling points of the title.Embark on a galactic questThe story of the game takes place in the distant future. The whole galaxy is divided by a gigantic military conflict. Players take on the role of a mercenary who is hired to deliver an important package to one of the Federation's outposts, located on the other side of the galaxy. Things are getting complicated as we find out that our ship is being chased by the enemy fleet.Travel through the unknownThe galaxy in the game is divided into separate sectors. During the gameplay, we will jump from one sector to another, not knowing what we'll encounter on the other side. One time we may find ourselves in a calm region of the galaxy where nothing endangers our missions, just to land in the middle of an asteroid's field with the next hyperspace jump.Manage your CrewKeeping an eye on your crew is one of the main gameplay elements. Every member of your team has a name, unique characteristics, and strengths and weaknesses. With progression, they will earn experience points that will allow them to be even more useful. Assign them to different parts of the ship and have full control over your vessel.Upgrade your spaceshipA galaxy is a dangerous place. In addition to that, you are being chased by the Rebel war fleet. Finding new components and upgrading your ship's equipment is crucial if you want to get out in one piece from real-time encounters. Your ship has several vital systems, and each of them can be upgraded, or damaged by enemies. Keep your ship in a good condition - you don't want to face your enemies without the shield generator, or with destroyed cannons, right?
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age: PEGI 12,ESRB Everyone 10+
platform: Steam
priceplus: 313.84

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