FORWARD: Escape the Fold - Ultimate Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

FORWARD: Escape the Fold - Ultimate Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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FORWARD: Escape the Fold was created to be the perfect bitesized roguelike dungeon crawler. Choose your champion and face a relentless crawl through the card-based dungeons, collect items to power your abilities and defeat the gruesome monsters facing you. But keep going FORWARD!FeaturesUnique Progression System: Make your way through the dungeons by choosing a path from 3 cards at every turn but choose wisely! One bad decision can lead you to the graveyard. Select the next card which will help you get one step closer to redemption!High Energy Roguelike: You will need to make decisions at every step of the way. Crawl one card at a time and combine objects found in chests, markets and at the end of each dungeon to bolster your character's abilities. Beware of the cursed items and their devastating effects!Just One More Turn: In the Fold, you will never feel prepared. Designed for replayability, each ascent is original and will feel fresh and challenging even to the most experienced player. Use your instincts and knowledge of your champion to fight away the gruelling beasts that populate the underworld.What you will discover in the fold7 Champions to unlock with unique powers and backstories. Learn more about this mysterious underworld and understand what brought these enigmatic champions there. Additionally, master their powers as they will alter radically your ascent and your playstyle.100+ fully detailed item-cards to discover.Leaderboards for the most powerful players. Easier said than done to be up there.Fast-paced gameplay enabled by the one-input gameplay. Keeps the game dynamic at all times.Gorgeous 2D pixel-art.
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