Europa Universalis IV: Emperor (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS
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In this newest DLC for the Europa Universalis grand strategy game (Emperor) produced by Paradox Interactive studio, find new possibilities and techniques to strengthen not only your position as an emperor but also your whole realm. The early modern period is an unstable time and requires a lot of attention to detail if the player wants to take control over the continent for a very long time.Reign EternalIn this time of unease and uncertainty, the player's task is to find the solution to unite nations or conquer them and put an end to constant revolutions setting Europe ablaze. Emperor renews gameplay for the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal State and other Catholic nations while also providing players with more direct and interactive management of internal affairs of their empire.Expansion FeaturesEuropa Universalis IV: Emperor allows its players to experience:A Powerful Pope - with this feature, players will be able to appoint cardinals, publish papal bulls and gather tithes; new abilities to sway the souls of Christendom are now granted for the controller of the Vatican.New Holy Roman Empire Systems - Europa game allows the player to react to all major events within the borders of their empire; two possible ways to rule: a centralised monarchy or decentralised federation.Revamped Revolutions - Revamped Revolutions - revolutions are like a plague, and they need to be dealt with quickly before they spread. In the EU4 use such tools as the guillotine and revolutionary guard to persuade subjects into a new way of thinking.Emperor of China - with the Mandate of Heaven DLC the player is granted the possbility to claim the Mandate and become the ruliing Emperor of China.And many, many more...The game can be played in both a single-player mode as well as cross-platform multiplayer allowing the players to have fun together and plan out their quest to conquer.Key FeaturesRevitalised gameplay for fan-favourite factions.Revamped revolutions system strengthens or weakens the state, depending on the player's approach.Major world events require your attention! Decide whether you want to rule as a centralised monarchy or a decentralised federation.
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