Europa Universalis IV - Dharma (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE

Europa Universalis IV - Dharma (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE
Paradox Interactive
sku: 4f440e0c-a62e-11ea-8ea0-ce32671f8a2e
€ 4.20+61%
€ 6.79
Shipping from: Lithuania
Dharma Expansion features:
• A new Design Your Government feature
• New Indian mission trees
• New Indian estates
• Upgraded Trade Centers and Trade Company investments
• And much, much more!
Europa Universalis is the fourth game in the series of global strategy games from Paradox which has been counted among the best of its kind since the title’s debut with Europa Universalis back on Oct. 20, 2000.
Like in its prequels, you will have to take the reigns of a nation of your choice and guide it through the trials of history, making alliances, playing underhanded games with your rivals, and going to war when the enemy does something you can't abide by.
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