Euro Truck Simulator 2 Legendary Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Legendary Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck driving simulator game developed and published by SCS Software. The fourth installment in the popular Truck Simulator series. ETS 2 lets the player travel the shipping routes of Europe, hauling various kinds of cargo in different types of trucks. The player’s task in the game entails establishing their own shipping company and making it flourish with each completed job. The game received positive reviews for its attention to detail, presentation and gameplay mechanics.Legendary contentThe Legendary Edition of ETS 2 gives the player access to the downloadable content, which expands the game map and provides more trucks for the player to use. The player can now travel across almost entire Europe, behind the wheel of newly added vehicles. Additionally, the Legendary Edition includes new paint job and cargo packs, as well as other interesting features.Hit the road in a driving simulator gameplayThe key feature of European Truck Simulator is driving the truck across the highways of Europe, hauling cargo from place to place – basically, every truckers’ bread and butter. The player starts the game by completing several Quick Jobs to gain money and reputation. Later. they can establish their own trucking company. The money made from jobs, can be spent on buying new trucks, hiring drivers to make more deliveries and expanding their HQ, buying more garages, etc.Completing jobs provides the player with experience, which is necessary to level up the player’s company and to gain skill points. They can be spent on unlocking more dangerous jobs, like transporting hazardous materials.Several brands of trucks are featured in the game, including Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Scania. Each brand offers one or more of its trucks for the player to use in-game. While driving the player can listen to music or the internet radio.ETS 2 map features 71 cities spread across 12 countries. The player will visit such places as Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, as well as parts of Poland, France, Slovakia and more. Downloadable content unlocks further location on the map of Europe.ReceptionEuro Truck Simulator 2 received critical acclaim from the industry media. Reviewers praised the solid gameplay of the game, combined with excellent graphical presentation. The critics were impressed by the dedication put into recreating the in-game map of Europe, with each visited city represented with a high level of detail.Key featuresTake the wheel of a long-haul truck and hit the roads of EuropeCreate your own trucking company and make money delivering goodsGain experience with each job and expand your companyDrive real-world trucks across a meticulously recreated map of EuropeEnjoy the additional content of the Legendary Edition: new countries to visit and trucks to drive
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