Energy Cycle Collector's Edition Steam Gift GLOBAL

Energy Cycle Collector's Edition Steam Gift GLOBAL
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'Energy Cycle' – new puzzle game from the developers of ‘Energy Balance’. When you click each cell on the game field - it changes color, and the colors of adjacent cells horizontally and vertically. Your task to bring all the cells to the same color. Sounds pretty easy, but try to do it!'Energy Cycle' feature three modes for every taste:Puzzle(Without timer. Pre-designed puzzles.)Time Attack(With timer and scoring. Random puzzles.)Infinite Play(Without timer. Like ‘Time Attack’, but you can play it forever.)Key featuresEnergy Cycle Collector's Edition includes:Base GameArtbook "How we made art for Energy Cycle" (12 Pages)Pack of exclusive "Energy Cycle" wallpapersRandom memories (Photo album)
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