Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL
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Horizons Season Pass contains the second batch of expansions for Elite Dangerous MMO space-flight simulation game. New content expands an already robust galaxy with additional mechanics: planetary landings, engineering and more.Wide range of gameplay contentHorizons adds new mechanics to the expansive world of Elite Dangerous. These include the ability to land on a planet and study its surface, engineering and modifying ships, as well as trying out new units and ships. The players can now become crew members of each other’s ships, customize their avatars and many more. The expansions provide enhancements to the UI and performance of the game.The storyBoard the space cruiser and embark on a quest across the Milky Way. Discover new planets, encounter alien races and make your name known in the galaxy.ReceptionElite Dangerous Horizons received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the expansive game world as well as space-flight simulation mechanics and recommended it for all fans of interstellar epics.
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