Eleven: Table Tennis VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Eleven: Table Tennis VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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Eleven Table Tennis VR is a sports simulator developed and released by For Fun Labs in 2016 for PC. Bring physical activity to your home! Thanks to virtual reality headsets like Oculus, you can experience realistic sports emotions whenever you want. Join the ping-pong competition and fall in love with your new favorite video game! The title collects overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam, praised for its realistic mechanics and fun online multiplayer. Gameplay Do you like table tennis? Whether you are a professional or an amateur - Eleven Table Tenis VR will engage you from the very first moment. Start with training and test your skills, or practice them to be ready for more challenging tournaments. Try a series of mini-games to complete specific missions and become a ping-pong master! Play solo or in multiplayer. Enjoy a quiet afternoon battling AI or try online matchmaking to compete against other players. You never know who plays on the other side! Eleven Table Tennis VR already has a million satisfied players worldwide who strongly recommend this title on Reddit. And the natural physics of each movement is the true magic of the sport that you can enjoy in your own home. Key features: Play ping-pong in virtual reality Enjoy realistic physics Practice your skills and keep getting better Play a series of challenges in single-player mode Try online matchmaking and compete with other players
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