ETCR080 Large Caliber High Accuracy Clamp Current Sensor Power Factor Clamp Meter

ETCR080 Large Caliber High Accuracy Clamp Current Sensor Power Factor Clamp Meter
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Description Scope of applicationHigh precision AC leakage current current high order harmonic current phase electric energy power power factor etc detectionWhat to use with 1 Multimeter mA level current file You can directly view the current value after passing the transformer ratio the standard configuration is 2500 12 OscilloscopeFor the measurement of direct current or alternating current the indirect method is generally used The specific method is 1 First the amount of current is transformed into a proportional voltage 2 Then observe with an oscilloscope The general test method is connect a non inductive resistor with high accuracy and small resistance in series in the circuit under test and then use the oscilloscope to measure the voltage and the voltage across the resistor is effective Calculate the measured current value and the calculation formula is I U R In the formula I the measured current value A ∪ the effective value of the voltage at both ends of the series resistor V R the resistance value of the series connected non inductive resistor Ω 3 Other instrumentsSelf developed instruments can be used as current probesSpecification Model ETCR080Range 0 00mA 60A ACResolution 0 01mAAccuracy level 1 0Turn ratio 800 1Reference load ≤50ΩPhase error ≤2°Jaw size φ80mmx80mmWorking frequency 45Hz 100HzOutput mode induction current outputOutput interface BNC plug 4 0mm double banana plug 3 5mm audio plug bare wires tapPackage included
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