Dungeons 4 | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Dungeons 4 | Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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The Absolute Evil and its trusted *cough* servant, the Dark Elf Thalya, return in Dungeons 4 after the events of its fabulous predecessor to bring about their triumph over the forces of good once more. Build a Cozy And Comfortable DungeonBuild a cozy and comfortable Dungeon to suit your creatures’ needs and rule over them, then send them out into the Overworld to kindly remind the good people living there that the Absolute Evil rules over their lands. Gather your Evilness in new and dynamic ways and unleash it upon the lush green forests and plains of the Overworld to turn them over to the dark side. But make sure that your Dungeon is well-secured by traps and defended by your creatures, for those pesky Overworlders won’t just twiddle their thumbs while you turn their land into the Absolute Evil’s most pleasurable holiday paradise.Everything is Now Bigger And BetterBut what is that noise? “Gold, gold, gold and gems, gold and gems and gold!” The ancient song echoes throughout the underworld, accompanied by the clanging steel of hammers and axes. The Dwarves have arrived to claim their share of the abundant resources and together with the Elves and Humans of the Overworld, they send out their raiding parties to find the Dungeon’s heart.
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