Drifting Dragons: Complete Collection (US Import)

Drifting Dragons: Complete Collection (US Import)
Zavvi International
sku: 37150332329
€ 82.49
Shipping from: United Kingdom
Dragons may be huge flying leviathans, but their colossal bodies are also treasure troves of valuable oils and enough succulent flesh to feed small villages. So, even though it's incredibly dangerous, the profession of draking is still profitable enough for the crews of airships like the Quin Zaza to risk their lives in the deadly pursuit of the airborne behemoths.The mortality rate can be high, however, and the Zaza's newest recruit, Takita, will have to learn the ins and outs of her lethal new vocation quickly, even as her reckless crewmate Mika seems determined to set the worst possible example. That leaves it up the rest of the Quin Zaza crew to keep the new rookie on the right side of the food chain as they pursue the deadliest catch of all - DRIFTING DRAGONS!Clean Opening Animations (x3)Clean Closing AnimationJapanese Promos (x8)Web Previews (x12)
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