Dream Catcher Chronicles: Manitou Steam Gift GLOBAL

Dream Catcher Chronicles: Manitou Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Singing Star and her husband, White Wolf had a perfect life together until events in the spirit world suddenly changed everything! One day while out hunting, White Wolf suddenly disappears, leaving behind only a bloody tomahawk. Singing Star must use her wits to find clues and summon help from beyond to save him. As she ventures far from the safety of her camp to the edges of her world, she will explore the forest, swamp and beyond! Risking her life, she must try to meet the spirits in their own world. Along the way, she will encounter challenging hidden object scenes and puzzles as she finds a way to appease the spirits and find her love! Key featuresA Romantic Hidden Object Adventure Create Magical Potions Summon the spirits and enter their world Solve tricky puzzles and Match 3 mini-games
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