Dragon Age Origin - DLC Bundle - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Dragon Age Origin - DLC Bundle - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of a legendary order of guardians. With the return of an ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay the archdemon once and for all.A Stunning World to ExploreBioWare’s deepest universe to date with over 80 hours of gameplay and more than double the size and scope of Mass EffectTravel throughout dozens of environments and fully immerse yourself in a shattered world that is on the brink of utter annihilationAn epic story that is completely shaped and reactive to your play styleComplex Moral ChoicesThere are no easy choicesTailor your Dragon Age: Origins experience from the very beginning by choose from six different Origin StoriesDecide how to handle complex issues like murder, genocide, betrayal, and the possession/sacrificing of children without the security of a good/bad slider to tell you what to doFull Character CustomizationSculpt your hero in your own image or fantasyElaborate character creator allows you to create your own hero unique from anyone elseShape your character’s personality and morality based on the choices you make throughout the gameEngage in Bone-Crushing, Visceral CombatBattle against massive and terrifying creaturesUnleash legendary powers and choose from over 100 different magical spells and skillsExperience the adrenaline rush of brutal combat, beheading your foes or casting spells that make enemies explode from withinBlood Dragon ArmorCommissioned by an infamous Nevarran dragon hunter, this armor was crafted in a time when dragons had almost been hunted to extinction. Infused with their blood, the armor gained notoriety after the hunter died at the hands of men rather than the dragons it was designed to protect him from.Grants exceptional protection in combatArmor will be usable in BioWare's upcoming science fiction epic, Mass Effect 2The Stone PrisonerThe darkspawn-infested village of Honnleath holds a secret: the forgotten stone figure at the town’s heart is a powerful golem frozen in time. Free the creature and reveal a storied quest to unlock its power and mysterious past.Download The Stone Prisoner and gain access to Shale, a mighty stone golem who can join the party and travel throughout Dragon Age: Origins. One of the most powerful characters in the game, Shale comes with a rich back story, extensive voice acting, and a unique follower quest to explore. The Stone Prisoner also includes new environments, items, and hours of additional gameplay that adds to the Dragon Age: Origins campaign.A powerful new party member to aid in the epic quest to save Ferelden from the BlightNew areas, including the troubled village of HonnleathNew achievements, items, and unique insights into the Dragon Age: Origins storyline
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