Dragon Age: Inquisition | Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Dragon Age: Inquisition | Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL
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Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in 2014, Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC) is an action role-playing game that will bring a lot of sensations. As the sequel to the DA games, Inquisition improves many gameplay and visual elements and presents a bigger world to explore. Bear the name of the Inquisitor as you embark on a journey to conquer the demons that threaten the lands of Thedas after the series of mysterious events that opened rifts between the physical world and the world of spirits. Choose your path, pick a race and a class that suits your playstyle. You can play as a mage, a rogue and a warrior, where each class offers three additional specializations for greater immersion.GameplayThe gameplay in the Dragon Age: Inquisition has the features of the typical action role-playing games, where you can control your character from the over-the-shoulder view. Additionally, you can switch the control from the main protagonist to control other party members and what’s more, it is possible to switch to a more tactical top-down view where the game can be paused in order to assign locations and action to the heroes. As usual, you are presented with many interesting side quests and romance options if you want to take a break from the main campaign.The storyAs the sole survivor of the mysterious catastrophe, you bear the mark that can close rifts which allow the demons to come to the world. As the hero the path to salvation will not be easy, remember that Thedas is a hostile land with factions fighting against each other, dragons threatening the skies and now the demon invasion bringing the world closer to complete chaos. You have to find people that will stand by your side and fight against the darkness as the Inquisition. You will be their leader, their master, and the Inquisitor!Every action has a reactionYour decisions have an impact on the future of the land, so choose wisely, as your decisions can have a variety of outcomes. Choose wisely on who to send on the battlefield, which agents top recruit and where to send them as this may influence the rewards, discovery of new locations and story progression.Game of the Year Edition In Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition, the developers gave you the option to explore additional content from all of the DLCs released beforehand in one package. Give a try to three new story packs: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, each one offering additional locations to explore, quests to complete and items to obtain. Additionally, with The Black Emporium, Spoils of the Avvar and Spoils of the Qunari you can add epic new equipment, mounts, and schematics as well as new stores to your game.Moreover, The Black Emporium gives you the option to change the facial appearance of your character with the Mirror of Transformation. What’s more, the GOTY edition presents you with additional mounts such as the Red Hart, the Bog Unicorn, and the Armored Mount as well as additional equipment with the Flames of the Inquisition Weapons Arsenal and Flames of the Inquisition Armor DLCs.ReceptionThe game is a must for the fans of the Dragon Age series. But the new players will definitely find something for themselves as the game offers a wide range of abilities, classes, and races to choose from. The game met with the positive reaction from the critics praising its gameplay, music, detailed graphic and voice acting.Key featuresJPlay as the Inquisitor and save the continent of Thedas from impending doomCreate a party of heroes, complete quests and fight monsters on your way,Enjoy additional content offered by all the DLCs..
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