Dragon Age: Inquisition EA App Key GLOBAL

Dragon Age: Inquisition EA App Key GLOBAL
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Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third instalment of BioWare's original fantasy series. A massive rift between realities threatens to rip the world apart, the conflict between Templars and Mages is still raging, and a greater danger lurks in the shadow, gathering and corrupting armies. Good luck fixing that mess, Herald of Andraste.Epic storylineDragon Age: Inquisition (PC) continues the storyline of the previous two Dragon Age games, where the conflicts started in DA: Origins and DA2 come to fruition, creating one of the greatest crises Thedas has ever known. You are playing the Herald of Andraste, the only person to survive an explosion which shattered the boundary between the real world and the dimension of dreams, Fade.Along the way you will battle demons, ancient horrors, multiple dragons, tangle with spirits, and uncover secrets long since forgotten by everyone.Command your forcesDA:I gives you command of the growing Inquisition, reinstated to combat the turmoil in Ferelden and Orlais. You decide how to address an ever growing number of emergencies requiring your attention. Decide whether you want to solve problems with your military forces, a network or spies and assassins, or the silver tongues and treaties of your diplomats. Manipulate the events from the shadows, or stand proudly in the limelight. Your decisions shape the Inquisition's reputation and the state of the world in many ways.How will you carry this burden, Inquisitor?Tactical spectacular battlesWhether you crush bandits and rogue templars, demons, or massive dragons, Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay will provide ample challenge to tactically minded. Direct your four-person team against enemy groups of diverse composition and pick your targets based on positioning, gear, and abilities. Push your mages to pick off archers, let your warrior block the shielded templar, and have your rogue harass all of them from the sidelines. Pause at any time to give orders or watch your casters frozen mid-spell or warriors suspended in the air right before landing a devastating blow.Powerful dragonsEvery major region of DAI has its own dragon, and they are difficult, complex boss fights of an epic scale. Each dragon has a unique design, from coloring, to model, to abilities. Defeating the true dragons of Dragon Age requires tight cooperation between party members, careful positioning, and proper gear. The reward? Rare crafting resources, gold, and powerful items.Are you daring enough to test your skills and team against the mightiest creatures that have ever roamed Thedas?Deep character customisationDAI character creation allows you to create a stunning number of faces, complex enough to recreate many familiar faces or create your own. For the first time in the franchise you can play as a Qunari, a large, horned species following an odd set of customs and beliefs. The selection of species and background unlocks special conversation options and may influence special events in your war room.Key features:Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to lead your own organisation supported by some of the most capable people on the continent. Fight against demons, dragons, ancient darkspawn. Show everyone that Inquisition is needed, and is the only organisation that can prevent the world from crumbling.Dragon Age: Inquisition features Companions - your band of allies and companions is a diverse collection of memorable individuals with their own goals, outlooks, and story arcs Beautiful graphics - DAI visuals capture the epic scale and atmosphere of the storylines and presents some of the best dragons you've ever seen Engaging combat - the mix of action-based combat and tactical decisions makes for interesting conflicts, and the active pause is a fodder for beautiful screenshots Deep lore - the Dragon Age setting is deep and detailed, and DAI has an expansive codex giving you access to the obscure and fascinating bits of the world's myths, history, and more Plenty of activities - you never roam the open world in vain. You always work towards something, whether collecting bits of lore, or performing minor and major quests
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