Dracula Prince Des Tenebres Giclee Art Print - A2 - Print Only, Multi

Dracula Prince Des Tenebres Giclee Art Print - A2 - Print Only, Multi
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Released on January 9th 1966, starring Christoper Lee in his second appearance as Dracula. Set 10 years after Dracula was destroyed by Van Helsing, four English tourist called The Kents visit Karlsbad, despite Father Sandor advising otherwise. The stay in Dracula's castle after it's set up for them oddly by a servant named Klove. They spent the night in which Klove kills one of the tourists, Alan, and uses his blood mixed with Dracula's ashes to bring Dracula back to life. After his resurrection, his new guests are seen aren't seen as welcome as first thought. Hammer Film Productions is a British film production company founded in 1934, it is best known for a series of gothic horror films made from the mid-1950s until the 1970s which include Dracula, The Vampire Lovers, The Mummy and many more! Show your love for the classic genre with our Officially Licensed merchandise collection. Printed on Premium Matt Coated 230gsm paper, our giclee prints are of the highest quality. Our prints come hand rolled to ensure quality is maintained in the finished product. Frame not included.
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