Desynced (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Desynced (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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When your ship becomes damaged, you must send drones to the surface of an unknown planet to build the facilities necessary for repairs. Guided by ELAINE, your onboard AI, you will build, automate, survive, and thrive. But is there more to learn from this mysterious world?Desynced is an automation game without belts. Drones connected to your logistics network will automatically fill orders to move material around your base. Set up mining operations and factories, expand your logistics network to cover more area, manage power generation and storage, and more. When you need a more custom solution, tailor the behavior of your facilities and bots using customizable parameters, or dive into drag-and-drop scripting for maximum control.AutomateIntricate Resource Management: Master the art of resource management, production chains, and automation to ensure the survival and prosperity of your base. Every decision counts as you strive to maintain a delicate balance in this hostile world.CustomizeFully Customizable Units: Desynced uses drones instead of belts. Equip them with tools fit for their purpose, or program advanced behaviors using a drag and drop editor. Tailor units to your playstyle and adapt to the challenges that await.ResearchIn-Depth Technology Tree: Dive into a deep research system that will expand your technological prowess. Unlock new possibilities, develop advanced units and structures, and gain an edge over your foes as you unravel the secrets of this captivating world.And More!Key featuresMake it your own with modding Support and Steam Workshop IntegrationJoin forces with friends or challenge them in multiplayerBe the first to try new content as it rolls out during early access
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