Desert Skies Steam Gift GLOBAL

Desert Skies Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Floating on a creaky wooden airship above a vast desert filled with treasures and dangers, players will journey deep into the Wild West as they survive the harsh landscape and save a young America from a monstrous threat.FlyRide the winds over the desert in your hot air balloon powered airship.ExploreLand and explore abandoned towns, attacked outposts, underground caves and moreRun!Explore quickly and quietly, for whenever you land the Seeker hunts you from beneath the sands!LootSearch each location for the items you need to survive, build and craft.BuildBuild your airship into a floating fortress packed with crafting stations.Fight!Craft weapons and turn the tide on the Seeker!HarvestHarvest resources from the desert to help you on your adventure.CraftCraft items, tools, weapons and more.Win!Your goal isn't just survival, but victory! Can you survive long enough, can you build and craft yourself strong enough, to reach the heart of the desert, solve the mystery of the creatures' origin and fight your way to victory?The Desert Skies StoryIt's the American Wild West gone horribly wrong.It began with rumours of terrifying creatures attacking people at the far frontier. Then the first town was wiped out. Now years have passed and everyone has fled east, leaving behind a ghost land.You were part of an expedition to investigate the creatures and their origin. A fully stocked hot air balloon kept you all safely off the desert floor, until a sandstorm destroyed most of the airship and took the rest of your team with it.Now you're the sole survivor, out of supplies and clinging to what's left of your airship as it drifts down towards the sand. You've spotted some wagons in the desert ahead and have just enough fuel to make it there. You might find supplies, and if you can scavenge enough to get back into the air then you might be able to limp from location to location and rebuild enough to fly far west, solve the mystery and stop the monsters...But that means landing. The creatures are attracted to noise, and on the desert floor they can hear you scream.
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