Deadside (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Deadside (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Additionally, the game features complex ballistics, survival mechanics, and high-quality graphics. Deadside doesn't have any strict storyline, however, players may find something about the world through exploration and interactions with encountered NPCs. Gameplay mechanics Developers tried to create a realistic and challenging post-apocalyptic experience, balancing elements of a shooter and survival game. Action in the game may be observed from the first, or third-person perspective, depending on the player's preferences. The gameplay starts with creating the player's character. After that, we can start our adventure, exploring a huge, open map. The developers have prepared a diverse world with an area of 225 square kilometers, that players can travel on foot, or in various vehicles. While using any type of vehicle, we must care about its condition. Occasionally players will have to repair some damaged parts to restore the vehicle's functionality. Additionally, from time to time we will have to look around nearby areas for fuel. The post-apocalyptic reality is a dangerous and unforgiving place. Throughout our journey across the seemingly deserted land, we can encounter bandits wanting to steal our equipment, armed supporters of the former government, and even groups of cannibals who wouldn't mind cooking us over the fire. Fighting with other players is one of the main elements of the gameplay. That is why there are several different types of weapons available in the game, with realistic sounds and animations, unique for each firearm. One of the selling points for Deadside is realistic ballistics and weapon damage system. Every bullet can change its trajectory, depending on the thickness and type of object they will hit. Additionally, weapons damage is dependent on the distance, and the body part hit by the bullet. The developers implemented also straightforward, yet practical crafting system, allowing players to build a shelter in which they can store their weapons and loot. While traveling through the vast wastelands, players may find areas known as Safe Zones. There they can trade their items, buy necessary equipment, ammunition, and weapons. Those are the areas in which PvP is turned off, meaning players can't fight with each other while being in the Safe Zone. Reception Deadside for PC initially received very positive reviews among the community. According to the statistics provided by Steam, over 80% of all users' reviews are positive. Most of the players praised the game for realistic survival mechanics and complex ballistics which is by many considered as the main selling point of the game. Key features A unique experience in a huge, post-apocalyptic world - travel through a huge map, with bushy forests, vast fields, and abandoned settlements. 225 square kilometers of terrain in total! Variety of weapons - several different types of firearms. Each gun looks, sounds, shoots, and feels different. The developers put a lot of effort into making each of them as real as possible. Advanced and realistic ballistics - bullets and their trajectory is affected by a number of factors, including a distance, and type of surface they hit. The constant fight for survival - look for supplies, scavenging abandoned villages and settlements. Maybe you'll be lucky and find AK-47 right away? A simple, but useful crafting system - build yourself a shelter and store your precious loot, securing it from greedy thieves.
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