Dead by Daylight - the Saw Chapter (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Dead by Daylight - the Saw Chapter (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Dead By Daylight - The Saw Chapter is the seventh expansion pack to the legendary multiplayer horror video game developed and released by Behaviour Digital in 2018. Want to play a game? If you miss the terrifying The Saw movie series plot, now you can experience similar memorable moments with this unique, DbD Saw Chapter available on Steam! Play as a new killer or one of four survivors and try yourself in one of the most monstrous scenarios set on a truly disturbing map.New Killer - The PigThere is no more devoted Jigsaw successor than Amanda Young. Continuing her master's legacy, the woman chose this animal mask to plant even greater terror in her prey's hearts. These hideous people don't appreciate their life. To teach them a lesson about the difference between existence and living, Pig will set deadly traps and turn the survivors' experience into an endless hell. The wicked assassin uses three sneaky perks. Hangman's Trick prevents long-term damage to hooks and alerts about possible sabotage. Surveillance reveals the aura of generators. And Make Your Choice causes the victim to cry when saving another survivor. New Survivor - David TappThis man would rather die than let The Pig slaughter more innocent people. In the Entity realm, this scenario is more than possible. David Tapp continues a dangerous investigation trying to survive at all costs. To finally bring justice, he can use three priceless perks. Tenacity helps him recover faster and become better at stealth. Detective's Touch reveals generator auras. And Stake Out means more Tokens when close to a killer. New Map - Gideon Meat PlantOnce a place of sudden death for many animals, now the last battleground for desperate survivors. Enter this cursed place to face sick trials designed by the twisted mind of The Pig trying to fulfill her master's wishes. Key features:Play the seventh expansion pack to the asymmetric horror game from Behavior DigitalEnter the terrifying world of Dead by Daylight Saw ChapterPlay as the new killer - The PigMeet the new survivor - David TappExplore the Gideon Meat Plant and try to outsmart your vicious opponent
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