Dead by Daylight - Sadako Rising Chapter (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Dead by Daylight - Sadako Rising Chapter (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror video game, developed by Behaviour Interactive, and released in June 2016 on PC. In the game, 4 players play as Survivors trying to escape the 5th player's clutches, who plays the role of a terrifying Killer. The game receives very active developers' support, who are regularly improving the game with frequent updates and numerous novelties improving the whole experience. DBD was warmly welcomed in the gaming community, achieving very positive reviews.Sadako Rising ChapterSadako Rising Chapter is a new DLC inspired by the iconic horror movie - The Ring. The new chapter introduces, frightening killer Onryō, and a new survivor Yoichi Asakawa. In addition to that, the expansion includes unique perks and skills, that create completely new gameplay mechanics.Unleash Sadako Onryō PowersSadako Onryō is a vengeful ghost, possessing powerful abilities allowing her to kill her victims in horrific ways. She features three unique special abilities:Manifestation - intermittently take a physical form and strike your victims downProjection - project your physical form through a TV and surprise your preyInexorable Stare - kill Survivors in the Dying State just by looking at themUse Yoichi Asakawa's skills to survive in hopeless situationsYoichi Asakawa is a marine biologist who has already tasted the powers of Onryō. His personal experience and strong character allow him to get away from many tough situations. Yoichi has three unique perks:Parental Guidance - you inherited the ability to hear the dead. Listen to them and they will keep you safeEmpathic connection - warn your friends about incoming dangersBoon: Dark Theory - bless Dull and Hex Totems to create Boon Totems that will give Haste bonus to you and your friendsKey FeaturesA new DBD chapter inspired by the iconic RingPlay as Onryō, or Yoichi AsakawaDiscover new special abilities and unique perksFight for survival on a completely new mapGet the new exclusive item - Cursed Tape Charm
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