Dead by Daylight - Curtain Call Chapter (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Dead by Daylight - Curtain Call Chapter (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Dead By Daylight Curtain Call is the eighth chapter of Dead by Daylight's dark survival-horror storyline, developed and released by Behaviour Digital in 2018. Do you like jokes, tricks, and funny faces? You will love this downloadable content featuring a new map, survivor, and killer! Play the incredibly popular asymmetric multiplayer where one participant becomes the killer while the rest do whatever they can to escape his vile traps.New Killer - The ClownFunny and cheerful clowns often appear at little kids' birthday parties. Right? Well, this particular one finds the most delightful joy in witnessing life leaving the cold bodies of his victims. Seeing his hideous face may be the last thing you want, but in this cruel game, such a situation is unavoidable. The Clown is an insane creep stuffing his victims with the most disgusting tonics causing horrific symptoms. But that's not all - three perks help him fulfill his sick desires. Bamboozle makes him faster and blocks the vault location. Coulrophobia reduces the survivors' healing efficiency in your Terror Radius. And a Pop Goes the Weasel breaks a generator after hanging someone on a hook. New Survivor - Kate DensonShe is your typical next-door girl enjoying pleasant life, the value of friendship, and being close to family. Her optimism is truly contagious! So fingers crossed that her practical perks can help you survive. Windows of Opportunity reveals the aura of various objects and vaults. Boil Over reduces the killer's ability to find nearby hooks. And a Dance with Me masks the traces of escape. New Map - Campbell's ChapelHow to ruin a place that was once a peaceful haven for many? There's a perfect way - invite a clown. Discover a new Curtain Call DLC location corrupted by his disgusting sins, and watch hope leaving the hearts of your desperate companions. Key features:Play the eighth DbD Curtain Call expansion pack to Behavior Digital's phenomenal survival horror gamePlay as the new killer - The ClownUse the practical skills of the most optimistic survivor - Kate DensonExplore the evil-corrupted Campbell's ChapelEnjoy an asymmetric hide-and-seek game as a killer or one of four survivors
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