Dead by Daylight - Cursed Legacy Chapter - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Dead by Daylight - Cursed Legacy Chapter - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Dead by Daylight - Cursed Legacy is a new downloadable content for the famous horror video game developed and released by Behaviour Digital Inc. in 2019. With this fourteenth chapter, you can unlock access to a new killer, map, and survivor to make the asymmetric gore experience more horrifying than ever! Discover Japanese-themed DLC content and fight for survival against ancient powers from your nastiest nightmares.Play Dead by DaylightThis unique action video game with asymmetric multiplayer is your chance to confront the most dangerous killers. You will play as one of the four desperate survivors or the sadistic killer himself, using a set of perks and unique abilities. Such gameplay is the perfect recipe for a memorably frightening experience!DbD Cursed Legacy contentNew Map - Discover the dark Sanctum of Wrath, forgotten even by the oldest humans. Once upon a time, it was a peaceful home for the holiest monks. But something awful happened, and the ravaged temple became a corrupted zone overrun by demonic beasts. New Survivor - Meet Yui Kimura, a courageous heroine and exceptional motorcyclist. Use her unique perks: Lucky Break, Any Means Necessary, and Breakout to survive. Yui is a stubborn enemy of tradition, but surprisingly - she's pretty superstitious. Her figure is an extraordinary contrast to the killer character coming from the ancientest legends.New Killer - The Oni is a fallen samurai Kazan Yamaoke possessed by a wicked demon and lust for revenge. Consuming the survivors' blood, the new killer gains destructive power and becomes noticeably tougher. It's also easier for him to track down his future victims. After collecting enough blood, the samurai enters Blood Fury mode granting him greater speed and incredible strength. He can use three powerful perks: Blood Echo, Zanshin Tactics and Nemesis. Discover chapter 14 of the horrific story in the legendary horror game. Travel to the demonic world of Japanese sagas, learn a tragic tale about hatred and revenge, and become part of a desperate race with no way out. Cursed Legacy Dead by Daylight is one of the spookiest storylines in the game's history, providing perfectly balanced and powerful heroes.Key features:Play the fourteenth chapter of Dead by Daylight's legendary horror gameplayUnlock a new map featuring the forgotten Sanctum of WrathMeet the new survivor with her knack for motorcycle racingPlay as the mighty The Oni brought to this cruel world by a mysterious EntityEnjoy new perks for your ultimate fight for survival
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