Dead by Daylight - Chains of Hate Chapter - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Dead by Daylight - Chains of Hate Chapter - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Dead by Daylight - Chains of Hate Chapter is the DLC to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, developed and released by Behavior Digital in 2020. Access a new map, Survivor and Killer, for even more hours of your favorite thrilling fun! Start wild west gameplay and fight for your life as one of the victims or the slayer.StoryThe forgotten Glenvale town means the brutal fight for your survival. The Killer you will meet here is an experienced hunter who has spent many frustrating years in Hellshire prison. His chase continues in the Trial Realms, where he can butcher fleeing victims to the end of time.GameplayDead by Daylight Chains of Hate is a chapter XV of a multiplayer horror game you will play as a survivor or an assassin. The title introduces new characters, perks, and skills that significantly diversify the exciting fun. Play as the Deathslinger and hunt other players! As a skilled inventor, you can wield a hand-made weapon - a speargun. This feature introduces new possibilities of striking helpless victims from a distance and perfectly fits into the omnipresent Wild West climate.As one of the four Survivors, you will meet Zarina Kassir - a determined filmmaker whose story began in Hellshire Prison. The trace of her has disappeared forever, and now she helps players escape from the hands of the mighty Deathslinger. Start a desperate race for survival and work with other players to defeat the Killer. Or betray them all by caring for your own life. But remember, your opponent is playing with a much stronger character, so you must be clever and fast to win. Create traps, design your combat methods or attack the Killer with other players. Only your survival matters!Glenvale Town is a spooky location with hundreds of possible hideouts and forgotten buildings. Use them to win and outsmart your opponents. This place is a completely abandoned village, ravaged by hatred and murder. So it is also the perfect map to enjoy the final DbD Chains of Hate slaughter, involving chains and a deadly spear.Key features:Play the fifteenth chapter of the multiplayer horror game from Behavior DigitalDiscover a new map and fight to survive in the ruined Glenvale townUnlock a new assassin and use a powerful ranged weaponPlay as one of the survivors and use the Zarina Kassir's helpExercise extra skills to outsmart your enemy
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