Dead Pixels Steam Key GLOBAL

Dead Pixels Steam Key GLOBAL
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A toxic waste spill finds its way into the water supply, causing the recently deceased to rise from their graves. Now it's up to you to blast your way through the hordes of undead if you're going to escape the city. On the way to your rescue, you'll search stores and houses for supplies, and trade with other survivors.With three game modes, hundreds of items, weapons and grenades, and a city that is never the same twice, there is always something new hiding round the corner in Dead Pixels.When the Dead Start Walking, It's Time to Run.Key featuresOver 100 weapons, grenades and itemsA procedurally generated city, that's different every time you play3 different modes of play4 different difficulty modesSingle player and two player local co-opOnline leaderboards30 achievements
   Technical Details
age: PEGI 12
platform: Steam

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