Dead Island Definitive Collection Steam Key GLOBAL

Dead Island Definitive Collection Steam Key GLOBAL
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Developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, Dead Island Definitive Collection (PC) Includes everything that can satisfy the biggest horror survival games fans. The collection consists of the remastered versions of Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and the Dead Island Retro Revenge side-scrolling beat-em-up game. This pack also includes all the DLCs published for these games. The remastered edition of the games improves the graphical and audio experience, with upgraded textures, models, lighting system and updated GUI.The full packageDead Island takes us on the paradise Island of Banoi, and the beautiful Royal Palms Resort which has been overtaken by a mysterious plague that turns all the guests into zombies. Since only a group of four people have been left unharmed, they have to fight together in order to survive and escape to safety.The game features RPG elements like character development and quests, open world, damage system allowing players to see the different result of strikes from different weapons and numerous types of zombies. The fighting style focuses mostly on melee combat, emphasized by the number of weapons and their modification system.Dead Island Riptide is a standalone expansion to the Dead Island game, where the action picks up right after the ending of the main game and continues the story of the previous survivors joined by one new member in a new setting.The expansion features a new location, numerous gameplay changes, new weapons, vehicles and a possibility to transfer the game save file from the original.Dead Island Retro Revenge presents players with a side-scrolling beat-em-up game, set in the city of Philadelphia overrun by zombies, where the protagonist is on his way to rescue his cat. Fight your way through hordes of zombies to rescue him and enjoy the simplicity of 16-bit graphics in this fast and full of action game.DLCsWith the pack, players receive access to all the DLC's, released for these games, which include:Mods – upgrades to the weapons, increasing their stats and adding effects, as well as blueprints for grenades, some ammunition;Ryder White’s Campaign – a story pack where the player takes on the role of Ryder White, a soldier trying to contain the spread of the infection on the Banoi Island;Bloodbath Arena – a new gameplay mode for the Dead Island game, which features fighting off waves of zombies on 4 new maps, in solo or co-operation with other players;The Ripper Mod – an addition to the player’s arsenal in the form of a baseball bat combined with a buzz saw, allowing for easier dismemberment of zombies.ReceptionDead Island Collection offers awesome content for every zombie game fan as well as anyone who wants to experience a great story told by memorable characters. Additionally, the Definitive Collection gives players the opportunity to spend many hours in this gory fun of killing hordes of zombies in the included, additional content.Key featuresFight your way through hordes of zombies on the beautiful island of Banoi and live through the story of its survivors;Experience the story of Dead Island Riptide and the fast-paced action of Dead island Retro Revenge beat-em-up;Come up with new ways to kill zombies with all the weapons at your disposal;Experience all the content with improved audiovisuals in the remastered edition of the Dead Island games;Enjoy the additional content of the DLCs included in this pack.
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