Dead Island 2 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Dead Island 2 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Dead Island 2 is the second installment in a series of post-apocalyptic action video games developed by Dambuster Studios and released thanks to Deep Silver in 2023. The title presents the direct continuation of the events taking place in the first part and tells the story of the heroes fighting for their lives against the ever-growing undead epidemic. Join them and prove your worth! What's more - in this title, you can enjoy the groundbreaking Alexa Game Control system to give voice commands without interrupting the game.StoryA deadly virus is spreading across the map of the United States, and zombies are everywhere. When the epidemic reaches Los Angeles, even experienced soldiers cannot fight it off. The entire city is quarantined, and the people must fight for survival. But not everyone has to come to terms with the approaching death! Some are immune to the virus and - instead of turning into zombies - gain new and very useful powers in combat. Become one of them and watch the tables turn!GameplaySelect one of the playable characters and enter the sunny streets of the abandoned city of angels! Each hero has unique features and specific skills that will determine your development path later in the game. So if you dream of a powerful character, choose Berserker, and if you prefer a more strategic combat mode, consider playing the Hunter.Dead Island 2 game offers the open world of Los Angeles, where you can do whatever you want. The main plot will guide you through a series of challenging quests, the outcome of which can be hilarious or dramatic. The gameplay revolves around combat with an arsenal of creative weapons to eliminate zombies. Each of them can be improved and modified, achieving effective results. Crafting, fighting, and completing quests is the best way to develop your character and become better and better. But remember - never relax too much, as your opponents are intelligent beings capable of executing the most surprising attacks. And if you want to enjoy this beautiful post-apocalyptic aura of an abandoned city, get behind the wheel of your car and go for a ride!Key features:Play the second part of the fun video game about fighting zombiesExplore the open world and gain experienceComplete quests to develop your heroLose yourself in an intriguing story set in a post-apocalyptic worldModify your weapons and travel by carPlay solo or in co-op
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