Dark Souls III - Season Pass Steam Key GLOBAL

Dark Souls III - Season Pass Steam Key GLOBAL
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Dark Souls III is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and released in 2016 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Season Pass extends the base game by adding contents of two big DLCs released later – Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City.Dark Souls III Season Pass ContentSeason Pass does not include the base Dark Souls III game, but simply adds two big expansion packs to the copy of a game you already own. You can buy both packs separately, but purchasing a Season Pass is cheaper and saves you money.Season Pass includes Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City DLCs, each adding entirely new locations to explore, together with new items to find and new demanding boss fights.StorySimilarly to other Dark Souls games, the story is complex and rich but is not told in a conventional way. Only the most dedicated players will be able to learn the lore and events that happened in the world they are playing in, as most of the information comes from descriptions of items you find throughout the game, and some of them are well hidden or even completely unavailable during the first playthrough.GameplayDS III is an action role-playing game played mainly from the third-person view. There are several starting classes available, but the only difference between them is the starting equipment and the allocation of a few starting attribute points – players are free to develop their character in any direction they want, and when maxed out, all classes end up being exactly the same and can wear and use every item available.Defeating opponents rewards players with souls that can be spent on leveling the character or purchasing new items. Unspent souls are lost upon death, but if the player manages to get back to the place where he died, he may be able to retrieve all of them.The game is known for its brutal but rewarding difficulty level. The main reason for this is the surprise factor – DS III often tries to surprise the player and puts him in completely new situations, often leading him to die and forcing him to repeat certain sections of the game.ReceptionBoth Dark Souls 3 DLCs for PC received mostly positive reviews, and being able to conveniently purchase them both at a discounted price was noted by reviewers. Gameplay-wise they praised the new locations and additional items, but most importantly, new unique bosses, that prove an additional challenge even for the most skilled players.Key featuresAccess two separate DLCs, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City, at a discounted priceExplore new areas and fight new bosses guarding valuable treasuresMake use of new weapons, armor pieces, and spells
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