DC5V 380ml Air Conditioner Fan Mini Cool Bedroom Desk Portable Cooler Cube Water USB Silent

DC5V 380ml Air Conditioner Fan Mini Cool Bedroom Desk Portable Cooler Cube Water USB Silent
sku: 1540611
Shipping from: China
Description: Name: Mini Air Cooler Water tank capacity: 380ml Operating current: 0.2a - 1.4a Input: DC5V Power: 1-7 w Material: ABS/ silica gel Color: Gray, Blue, Pink Duration: 3-8 hours (related to humidity of current environment) Features: - Removable water tank, convenient and more worry - free, easy to create a cool summer. - Cooling system to create cool air. The water-cooled cooling system quickly lowers the inlet air temperature to blow away the heat for you. - 380ml large-capacity water tank, can be used for a long time once filled, avoiding the trouble of frequent adding water, making cooling more convenient. - More than a typhoon fan, set fan, purification cooling, humidifier integration of the cold fan. - The ice curtain is like breathing in the forest, like the fresh wind after rain, like the cool feeling brought by indoor air conditioning, comfortable and pleasant. - Multiple filtration purification, blowing clean cool air. - Honeycomb type air inlet, effectively filter the dirty dust in the air. - No blade air mouth design, anti - pinch hand. - Squeeze type water inlet, gently press, quantitative water, not afraid of overflow. - Energy saving design, according to natural phenomena and high-tech artificial evaporative cooling technology combined to evaporate the heat in the air, so that the temperature drop, bring you cool cold air. - The feeling of freezing is quickly reached, saying goodbye to the hot and dry summer, and enjoying the feeling of cool and comfortable. - Adjustable outlet, upper and lower adjustment of the wind, large range of cool release, cool and unimpeded. - Silent operation, quiet no noise. Feel the cool cool breeze on the floor on a summer afternoon, and enjoy the quiet feeling of sleeping. Package included: 1 x Mini Air Cooler
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