Cute Emoji Expression Throw Pillow Stuffed Plush Sofa Bed Cushion for Home

Cute Emoji Expression Throw Pillow Stuffed Plush Sofa Bed Cushion for Home
sku: 985566
Cute Funny Emoji Expression Plush Throw Pillow Do you like those toy that can share joy with your famliy or friends? Are you still annoyed what kind of creative and funny gift to you family or friends? These Emoji expression throw pillows are cool and special gift to help you. Specification: Size: 34x39cm Material: Short Plush Filling: PP Cotoon Item Type: Emoji Expression Shape: Pitiful, Sinister, Naughty, Grin, Titter, Heart, Pick nose, Astonishment, Shy, Bye, Kiss, Complacent, Daze, Sweat, Dizzy, Smile, Curl lip, Sad, Wink, Cute, Crafty, Anger Use: Home, Car Seat, Decorative, Chair, Bedding, Seat or etc. Feature: Funny cartoon expression, modeling realistic Plush and PP cotton, comfortable hand feeling Stuff with memory foam pillow, vivid and full Funny expression, useful and decorative As a present to friends, family and your love Washing Tips: 1. Put pillow in warm water 2. Pour into neutral detergent 3. Let sit for five minutes and hand wash gently 4. Remove pillow and wash it off with warm water 5. Squeeze out the water with dry towel 6. Adjust pillow shape 7. Put it in the sun exposure 8. Comb the wollens 9. If pillow is not very dirty, please rub the stains with soap, then clean it with dry cloth or blow-drying it with a hairdryer. Package include: 1 X Emoji Expression Throw Pillow

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