Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the World Steam Key GLOBAL

Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the World Steam Key GLOBAL
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Loki, known from the Nordic sagas as a versatile god of lies and weaver of many intrigues against his divine "colleagues", has been banned from Asgard by Odin as a punishment for the trouble caused by the Midgard serpent. Now Loki is plotting revenge and searching for a possibility to sneak back into Asgard and pay Odin back. Out of spite, he abuses our four human heroes--Sigurd, the Frank, Hatschi, the brave Saracen, Bjami, and Crya--with his intrigues and traps. Embark on adventures and quests to help your allies wrest free from Loki's insidious machinations, whether it's a plague of serpents or the demon wolf Fenris dropping by for a rather unexpected visit. Ensure the health and safety of your people as you start with but a humble town and work your way up to a large city. Cultures 3 offers the best combination of strategy and adventure! Key features:Three difficulty levels that make the game fun for anyone from strategy novices to battle hardened veterans.Explore unknown territories and establish trade routes with other tribes.Watch as your inexperienced fighters grow into fearless heroes of great renown.Solve a number of challenging quests and adventures and meet old friends and enemies.
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