Cube - The Jumper Steam Key GLOBAL

Cube - The Jumper Steam Key GLOBAL
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The main hero of this game became an ordinary cube. "And the weakest of mortals can change the course of history" - more precisely, and the simplest of all when - any existing protagonists can turn your idea of ​​platformers!Features:Sandbox: freebuild with all game blocks / texturesNice background musicSimple controlsUpcoming updatesMinimal graphicsVarious levels"Monstrous trials!"Cool Steam achievementsIn this, at first glance, unpretentious game you have to overcome many amazing and breathtaking tests, play for the small red cube.Jump through obstacles, activate buttons and avoid spikes, come across here and there - the collision with them will not bring you anything good. Elementary in its essence, but unusually exciting game. A lot of positive emotions + interesting achievements in the kit.The game has a sandbox mode, in which you can play with blocks and textures!
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