Cube Life: Island Survival Steam Key GLOBAL

Cube Life: Island Survival Steam Key GLOBAL
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Built with feedback from our community in mind, Cube Life: Island Survival has all the features and gameplay you’ve come to expect from open world, sand box style games, and more!The game was originally developed for the Nintendo eShop in 2015. Since then, it's become a bestseller, even hitting the top of the Nintendo eShop charts (#1 Europe, #2 America, #3 Japan).EXPLORE:Explore living world with wild animals on the land, lurking in caves or swimming under the water.CRAFT:Gathering resources is a key element to survival. It allows you to craft weapons like swords, axes, and long bows for hunting and fighting.FIGHTSome islands are occupied by local inhabitants and you can choose to befriend them, or if you prefer, be a bad guy and steal their items, animals, and fight them—the choice is yours. During the night, it’s a good idea to hide, because Cannibals will appear and come after you!VISUALS:Realistic graphical effects like dynamic sky or realistic waterGAME FEATURES:- Block building open-world- Creative mode with Map and Skin editors- Survival Mode- Day and Night cycles- Realistic graphical effects- Crafting- Trading- 500 Items and Tools- Japanese decorations- Explosives- Stealth attacks! Approach an enemy from behind- Pets- Wild animals- Boats- Local inhabitants- Choose behaviour - be friend or if you prefer, be a bad guy- Fight Enemy Bosses like The Kraken, and Cannibal Boss- Updates - the game will keep getting better and better!
platform: Steam
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