Crusader Kings II - Charlemagne Steam Key GLOBAL

Crusader Kings II - Charlemagne Steam Key GLOBAL
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Charlemagne is an expansion pack to the grand strategy video game Crusader Kings II that was developed by Paradox Development Studio and published in February 2012 by Paradox Interactive. The expansion pack was released in late 2014 and it adds certain new features to the base game, including an option to start the game in 769 and the ability to create your own custom empires and kingdoms.Crusader Kings II Charlemagne ContentsThe expansion pack introduces several new concepts and improves the existing ones to make the game more enjoyable and accessible. One of the new features is the extended timeline, allowing players to play for 100 in-game years longer, which opens new strategies and possibilities, and gives more time to fully develop your nation and secure the crown.Other new notable features include special story event series for Charlemagne, ability to create custom kingdoms and empires, seasonal effects, regency overhaul, chronicles of your dynasty, and special features of the Zuni religion.StoryThe game does not have a story. It’s a sandbox game where you can rule one of the hundreds of available nations. Encounter various random events that occur during the game and craft your own unique stories.GameplayCK2 Charlemagne expansion pack doesn’t alter the gameplay of the base game in any significant way, but it adds new features to the existing game to make the gaming experience richer.ReceptionCharlemagne received positive reviews. Reviewers especially praised the realism, the extended timeline, and the newly introduced features and content, including several new cultures, and the seasonal changes.Key featuresStart the game in 769 and enjoy 100 more years of your empire’s developmentCreate your own custom kingdoms and empires by owning a certain amount of duchies and kingdomsEnjoy regency improvements with the new Designated Regent honorary title
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