Cooking Simulator VR (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Cooking Simulator VR (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Cooking Simulator VR is an indie video game developed by BigCheese Studio and GameBoom VR and released by PlayWay in 2021 for PC and other platforms. It is also a virtual reality Game of the Year 2021 award winner, collecting very positive reviews on Steam. Try your hand at the challenging job of a professional chef! Discover the multitude of possible activities and keep getting better. There are almost no rules in this hilarious gameplay! Story Become a professional chef and get hired at a restaurant to help it win the customers back. It is a challenge for very determined people! Check if you are one of them and get carried away by cooking madness. Gameplay Cooking Simulator is all that any chef could dream of. Enter the kitchen in virtual reality and discover its equipment. You will find a whole arsenal of knives, pots, pans, cookers, dishes, and other stuff. Plus as many as 140 food products from which you can design delightful dishes! Embark on your adventure and create something cool. Choose Career Mode and start a series of missions to cook the most challenging dishes from the extensive menu. Collect orders and go straight to work! Cut the vegetables, season the meat and complete the fabulous dish with an elegant garnish. Send your creation and wait for customer reviews! Each positive evaluation will help you develop your career and gain more and more popularity. And as a result - you'll unlock even more fantastic recipes that will delight your guests. Don't like to work? Are you fed up with demanding customers? Make them go to hell! Create the most bizarre dishes, mix random ingredients, and roast them in the microwave. In the Free Mode, you don't have to cook at all. If you want, spend the whole day building a fort from pots or setting the entire kitchen on fire. Scatter everything on the floor or heat a gas tank in the oven. Go crazy! It is a demanding job - the critics will understand. Key features: Start your career as a professional chef in virtual reality Discover the equipment and start your work Fulfill orders and create better and better dishes to delight critics Climb the ranks of the culinary career Do what you want in Free Mode and watch the world burn
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