Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal P.I. (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal P.I. (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I. is a first-person single player ghost hunting simulation. Which takes an honest approach at paranormal investigating, rewarding players who are patient and methodical.Gear up with tools paranormal investigators use in real life and become the overly chill paranormal investigator, Conrad. He just recently bought an office in his hometown of New Eidolon, hoping to find success with his craft.Explore haunted locations within the various locations and slowly obtain evidence of Paranormal Activity. As you successfully complete investigations, more clients will reach out to you wanting your help with their paranormal concerns. Each location has a past and multiple unique ghosts haunting it. To be successful, not only will you need to collect enough evidence to satisfy the property owners' concerns, but you must also learn about the ghosts' past and why they are still lingering.After enough evidence has been obtained, the player will utilize Trigger Items to facilitate closure for the sprits. In the case of a Demon infestation, Conrad will exorcise the Demon from the location. Once this process has been completed, Conrad will put the Relic in his haunted museum, back at his office.You can finalize your investigation at any time and head back to your office to regroup. It may take several trips to a location to obtain enough clues and evidence to fully investigate a place. Sometimes, Conrad’s first few trips to a location don’t produce much evidence. That’s ok, wrap up and try again another night.
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