Conquer VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Conquer VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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Shipping from: China
Kingdom of Yan, a world of all catastrophes......The land is drought, hunger and disease attributed to bloodshed and cruelty . With the guidance of God, you have experienced greatness of hardships come to this land. Evil rises, the dark lord is awakening to rulethe world again to infinite darkness. He brought back Fires and Sinister, and the world of all things therefore dying again . Only the holy craft would destroy the evil. And you, the mighty warrior,are set for this quest of conquer!Conquer is an action-packed combat game experience crafted exclusively for VR/MR . The story is set in age of ancient times where the players will explore the game's dilapidated world, Kingdom of Yan, which is occupied by evil beasts, carrying the sacred gift of the gods to complete a quest against evil.
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platform: Steam
priceplus: 387.28

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