Combat Cats Steam Key GLOBAL

Combat Cats Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 12500077
Shipping from: China
Combat Cats is a tile-matching game with unique combat aspects that add RPG and adventure elements. Kitty Island is in shambles. This once purrfect paradise is now without an ounce of catnip. You, a member of the Kitty Island Homeland Security’s veteran Ace Fighter Pilots, are the last hope to return peace and harmony. Go against impawsible odds and battle waves of enemies in the world of Combat Cats. The game features a variety of offensive and defensive actions that can be used by matching various combinations of icons. These icons will unlock things such as rockets, bullets, repairs and much more. Longer combinations will unlock various sized nukes which will destroy rows, columns, and chunks of blocks when detonated. Key featuresMatch bricks in any pattern you want.Earn extra points and do more damage for bigger combos.Fire off nuclear weapons!Pop pesky water bubbles that block your game board.Upgrade stats, weapons, aircraft!Unlock achievements!
   Technical Details
age: PEGI 12
platform: Steam

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