Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Steam Key GLOBAL
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Cities: Skylines Mass Transit presents you with many great additions that you can make use of while building your city in game. This downloadable content focuses on the new possibilities of commuting allowing for more interesting ways of transporting the citizens and streamlining other systems to improve the traffic in your city.New ways of transportationNow your citizens can travel even to the sky with the addition of blimps, which give the sky above your city an interesting look. Those balloons can take the residents from A to B while looking fancy and retro at the same time. Moreover, going down you can use monorails and cable cars to speed up transportation. The addition of ferries as a means of transport gives the maps with big water areas a completely new meaning and look.Improve trafficThis number of new transport ways may be astounding and in order to make good use of all of those features, you must create a reliable and streamlined communication system. This can be achieved with the use of advanced tools prepared by the developers which help you in connecting your roads and paths for your vehicles. Additionally, your lines can now exchange passengers with the inclusion of transit hubs, helping in keeping the transit system in order.ReceptionCities: Skylines Mass Transit features met with a great response from the community as with those, the look of the city can be changed in additional ways. Moreover, the systems introduced in Mass Transit DLC allowed players to streamline and improve the overall traffic situation of their areas.Key featuresAllow your residents to choose from a number of new ways of transportation;Make use of transit hubs allowing for easy line changes for the residents;Build new types of roads and improve the traffic in your city;Make a profit while having greater control over the transit systems of your city;Control water, land and sky transport!
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