Cities: Skylines - Industries Plus (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - Industries Plus (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL
Paradox Interactive
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Cities Skylines: Industries is one of the biggest expansions to the game so far. As the name suggests, the expansion focus is the industrial management. Build supply chains for the four main resource types, develop and manage industrial areas, build factories and make them more efficient with your excellent management skills, and much more!
Cities Skylines: Industries Expansion features:
• Place highly specialized industrial buildings and manage the production chain from raw harvesting to the final product export to other cities!
• Industrial areas and buildings are divided into four natural resource types; Farming, Forest, Ore and Oil.
• Level up the industrial areas by completing certain production goals and staffing requirements to make them more efficient.
• Enjoy a variety of industrial buildings such as Extractors, warehouses, processing and auxilliary buildings, industrial props and roads.
• Build unique factories such as food, toy, furniture, car and electronics to produce luxury products, but they will require a large number of workers, as well as high amounts of other resources from your industries.
• Manage traffic with a new cargo airport!
• New post sorting facilities as well as new Post Van and Truck vehicles.
• Five new maps, lush in resources and vast in size!
This edition also includes the new Synthetic Dawn Radio!
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