Cities: Skylines - Green Cities (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL
Paradox Interactive
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Brought to you by Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines - Green Cities is an expansion pack to city building and management simulator game. The Green Cities expansion provides numerous opportunities to make your cities greener, better, and eco-friendlier in general! New buildings, new pollution prevention systems, new services and in total 350 new assets added to the core game! Buy Cities: Skylines - Green Cities Steam key to enjoy new eco-friendly buildings, alternative service buildings, electric cars, parks and much more to create the greenest city where nature and humans can live in harmony.
Create a blooming utopia
The Green Cities expansion adds an amazing gameplay option to the base Cities: Skylines game, and that is to create a utopian future where humans live in harmony with nature. Cities: Skylines - Green Cities Steam key brings some eco-friendly new buildings to erect - blocks clad in vertical planting, solar updraft towers, organic food shops and such. The challenge in Green Cities arises in managing things like lower tax revenue or higher electricity consumption from some specializations as you work hard to achieve the vision of a completely green city where nature is preserved and cherished. Buy Cities: Skylines - Green Cities key to rezone, recycle and re-establish the city of today to make a better future!
Major gameplay features
Cities: Skylines - Green Cities CD key delivers an unmatched strategy simulation experience that motivates players to work hard in an attempt to achieve that utopian future vision the game promotes.
• New in-game objects. New eco-friendly buildings, new specialization buildings, new alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, electric cars, new parks - over 350 fresh in-game objects designed to build a city that shelters both humans and nature;
• Work on all city zones. As you work on the realization of your vision, do not forget to take into consideration all parts of the city under your care. Additionally, you can enjoy the levelled-up specializations that enhance your strategy gaming experience tenfold;
• Expand boundaries for strategy. 3 new scenarios, 4 new policy options, and an even new Monument to show-off your might;
• Chirper. The DLC also contains a new hat for Chirper;
• Cheaper Cities: Skylines - Green Cities price.
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