Cities: Skylines - Concerts (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - Concerts (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL
Paradox Interactive
sku: a9495d34-caf3-11e8-a6b9-e6a20e87d50a
€ 1.84
Shipping from: Lithuania
Cities: Skylines Concerts is the expansion to the original Cities: Skylines city simulator and management game. The expansion focuses on your ability to plan out and present the major concerts to please the public demand! The expansion also includes a new music-focused radio station ‘Live’. 100% music, 0% interruptions!
New areas for concern building and management! Level-up your area and enjoy even better concerts and bigger crowds! With new area, you’ll also get new buildings like music club, media broadcast building and Fan Zone Area! With new area and new buildings, you’ll need new laws and budget options to promote your events and monetize the crowds! the Cities: Skylines Concerts expansion provides everything you need for top-notch quality!
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