Cities: Skylines - City Startup Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - City Startup Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Cities: Skylines is a city-builder game developed by Colossal Order studio, and released by Paradox Interactive in 2015. The game gives players an opportunity to become a city major and create the whole metropolis basically from scratch. The developers wanted to create an immersive city-building experience - during the gameplay players will have to take care of many different aspects of the city management, including fluid transportation, finances, delivery of fresh water, electricity, or heat, as well as take care of the general happiness of the citizens. New Player Bundle gives players a nice 'head start' for new players as it includes the base game, together with three DLCs. New Player Bundle Cities: Skylines - New Player Bundle is a package that includes the main game, as well as three different expansions that will improve the gameplay experience by introducing new features and possibilities. Within the bundle we can find: Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor - the DLC introduces the fishing industry, new means of public transportation, as well as completely new centers of entertainment to keep your citizens happy. Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit - the DLC focuses on new and effective ways of transportation for your citizens. With a bit of work and improvements possible thanks to the new means of transport, you can stop worrying about traffic jams in your city! You can now create a ferry station, cable cars, and even huge airships! Cities: Skylines - Industries - as the name may suggest, this expansion significantly increases the importance of the industry in the game. Now, players can modify their industrial areas with complex chains of delivery for four different types of resources and factories. Additionally, the DLC introduces new maps, buildings, regulations, and more! Key Features An immersive city-building experience. Become the best major. Create a city of your Dreams, starting from scratch. Take care of many different aspects of the city management. Keep your citizens happy and satisfied.
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